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For runners, walkers, dog trainers and dog lovers!

Nothing like a look from your “Best Friend” in order to get you going for that walk or run! It's built in safety mechanisms and the ability to have your hands free, The Buddy System is the ideal accompaniment for that daily run or walk.


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The Buddy System is recommended by top professional trainers,  and is the perfect complement to your training program. The Buddy System allows the dog owner to focus on reward delivery speed and timing as well as allowing them to pay more attention to how their movements affect their dog’s response. It is a great tool to use with Clicker training and when your hands free you are much less tempted to “pop” the leash to correct your best friend’s behavior.

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Love this product! The Service dog program I volunteer for uses it all the time.I've had mine for about 2 years and use it heavily so far it has really held up. It is a wonderful training tool because your hands are free!


I’ve enjoyed using this training a puppy while walking my older dog. Very handy to have the option of both hands free


I've been a professional dog walker for 15years. Unfortunately, from my 25years of office work I have carpal tunnel syndrome and in my first few years of pet care I injured my shoulders and elbows. The Buddy system has been my salvation. It is well designed and very sturdy! I've never had one wear out, only dogs chew thru once and I got a little bigger and needed the next size 😁 I just bought extras now so I can sanitize inbetween uses. I love this product!


We bought our first buddy system in 2013 when we adopted our first dog. She runs with me multiple times every week plus daily walks so the clasp part on her leash had a lot of use before breaking last month. Super easy to replace and less than $10 makes it a simple decision to stay with the Buddy System!


I am not a runner but I have a new new puppy and the system lets me tether him a n walk him with hands free to do other things!


I am a trainer and Canine Instructor at our local colle

ge. I have used this particular system for nearly ten years. I require it for my Biking class and for all my Service Dog Teams. There is not a better system available and I have explored them all. This system is great for training walking, general in house training needs and overall just fantastic.