The Buddy System™ Hands Free Dog Leash - Made in the USA
A leash for dog runners, dog walkers, dog trainers, dog people and dog lovers. 

We made this product for all dog owners. We wanted to give ANYONE with a dog the option to walk, jog, run, train, stand, sit with their dogs and still have their hands available for other things; mainly treats, balls, toys, bones - the important things! 

The Buddy System™ is also made in the United States. Handmade actually by a small family owned sewing business in Washington State. The design of the entire Buddy System™ is patented and one-of-a-kind... We have been around for years, there is a reason for that. Quality and Care. 

Our leash system may seem "simple" to some... but when did complicated become a trend? The system works, it is versatile, customizable and durable. Keeping the design simple gives us the ability to focus on the quality of the product and when we are talking about our dogs, they deserve the best if not better than the best. 

When your best friend is your biggest motivator™ 

Our small business appreciates you!