The Buddy System Hands Free Leash System™ is an innovative, hands free leash designed for walkers, runners, hikers… anyone who wants both hands free, yet, desires to take along their best friend.


The Buddy System Hands Free Leash System™ is set apart from other hands-free leash systems by its built in safety mechanisms and the ability to store the unused leash on the belt when the dog is off-leash. This Buddy Systems is available in 2 versions:

  1. the Regular Dog System (for dogs greater than 20 pounds) and
  2. the Small Dog System (for dogs less than 20 pounds).

The basic leash system includes an adjustable belt, adjustable leash, 2 belt attachments, and collar attachment. The Regular Dog System is available in 4 colors and 3 adjustable belt sizes which can accommodate waists from 22” to 60”.

The Small Dog System is offered only in Black with 1 adjustable belt size accommodating waists from 27 to 50.

Special Features for Both Systems:

  • Adjustable Leash allows for any length between 22” and 40” or can be adjusted such that a handle can be created and the leash converted to a traditional hand-held leash
  • Quick Release mechanism at belt so leash can be released immediately from waist in case of emergency
  • Leash designed to move completely around the belt to prevent tangling
  • Quick Release Mechanism on collar piece and on belt allows the dog to be released and the free end of the leash to be attached to the belt and out of the way but easily accessible.
  • The ability to customize your Buddy System with our accessories!


The Lunge Buster

Our most popular accessory! For dogs who pull or lunge or owners who just want a little extra cushion. The Lunge Buster™ absorbs the shock from pulling, sudden stops, or that irresistible neighborhood cat. The Lunge Buster is available in both the regular and small dog versions. The Regular version is approximately 12-14 inches long and of tubular webbing with a bungie cord inside The small dog version is approximately 10-12 inches long. The Lunge Buster attaches easily to the leash of your Buddy System.

The Extra Buddy

Fun for more than one! The Extra Buddy accessory is designed to allow for the addition of another dog. Simply slide the Extra Buddy attachments onto the existing Buddy System waist belt and you’re off! The Extra Buddy includes the adjustable leash, 2 belt attachments, and collar attachment.

The Extend a Buddy

Need a little more roaming room for your best friend? The Extend-a-Buddy increases the length of the leash. This special accessory allows the user to further customize the length of the leash up to an additional 18 to 30 inches. This add-on snaps easily to your existing Buddy System leash.

The Double Buddy

Do you have two best friends and want to manage them with a little more control? That is what the Double Buddy is for!
The Double Buddy is designed to have both dogs on one leash. Providing a little more control for your hands free leash.


Collar Attachment

The collar attachment comes standard with the Regular and Small Dog Systems as well as the Extra Buddy for both the regular and Small Dog System. This piece is about 3 inches long with a scissor snap on one end and a female buckle on the other and attached to one end of the leash and then to the dogs collar. This piece can be purchased separately if needed.

Belt Attachment

Two belt attachments come standard with both the Regular and Small Dog Systems as well as the Extra Buddies. Each belt Attachment is about 3 inches long and is a looped piece of webbing with a female buckle sewn to the end. These two pieces slide onto the belt and attach directly to the male buckles of the leash. When the leash is not in use, both ends of the leash can be attached to the Belt Attachments to the store the leash out of the way. "When your Best Friend is your biggest Motivator"