10 Best Cat Cafes in the USA

When the Cat Flower Garden in Taipei, Taiwan, opened in 1998, it was an average-sized attraction. But over time, kitty cafes gained popularity across the US and became more popular as people embraced the idea of cuddly cats.

It's time for this unique experience where cats rule supreme, and everyone loves them just as much as we humans do. Check out these fabulous cat cafes in America where you can have a coffee fix while playing with adorable kitties all day long!

Crumbs & Whiskers

If you're looking for a secret spot to get a coffee fix, look no further than Crumbs & Whiskers on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The cafe is by appointment only and offers 70-minute or 30-minute experiences. And if celebrities like Drew Barrymore indicate how fantabulous this place must be, we know you won't regret checking it out! 

Koneko Cat Cafe

Inside the cattery, Koneko Cat Cafe is one of those trendy cat cafes that you can't help but notice. With its Japanese-style minimalism and fantastic aesthetic design, it also ѕеrvеѕ trаdіtіоnаl Јараnеѕе еаtѕ wіth ѕаkе (оr bееr оr wіnе, іf уоu рrеfеr). No wonder this place has it all!

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Step into the heart of NoDa for some good vibes and feline love. Stop by Charlotte's Mac Tabby Cat Cafe, where you can indulge in chai lattes or wines while cuddling up on one of many comfortable sofas or beanbags. Book reservations and walk-ins are available on this cat lovers' paradise.

The Tree House Cat Cafe

Come to the Tree House Cat Cafe, where you can meet cool cats and drink great coffee. The lounge is open 24/7, so stop by anytime! All their kitties are 100% adorable—and they're also adoption-ready.

Neko Cat Cafe

The Neko Cat Cafe is the perfect place for people who love kitties but can't have their own. Aside from being an oasis for adoptable cats, it is more than just a cat cafe in the Capitol Hill section of downtown Seattle. They also serve beer and wine!

Denver Cat Company

When you walk into the Denver Cat Company, it provides an unforgettable experience for cat lovers. Be surrounded by books, art pieces, comfy chairs, and a relaxing atmosphere. Don't miss the cat wheel on their cafe window seat, which has become an adorably popular spot for cats to play and lounge.

Purrington's Cat Lounge

Purrington's Cat Lounge in Portland is a cozy neighborhood hangout for people who love cats. Adoptable cats roam freely, and you can enjoy coffee or tea (wine and beer, too!) while petting them. Reserves are needed to enter this wonderful space.

Frisky Cat Cafe

Whether you're looking for something to read or want a relaxation spot, the cats at Frisky Cat Cafe will ensure your mood is always purring. The comfy furniture in nordic style with furry pillows will make anyone feel anything but frisky! You can also enjoy some macaroons, which is the specialty of their bakery.

Kitty Pause Kitty Cafe

Kitty Pause is a sanctuary for cats looking to find their forever homes. The café hosts rotating events weekly and monthly, including yoga, bingo, movie nights, and meditation with these felines. Don't forget to check out the cat lounge for some meet, play, and cuddle time!

Give Purrs A Chance

With a two-story Victorian home, Give Purrs A Chance is the largest in all of America. No appointments are required. You can spend hours exploring the indoor cat run and the Catique Boutique which is full of handmade goods made by local artisans!

Final Thoughts

These places are not just coffee shops but rather an experience where you can relax, pamper the kittens and enjoy their company.

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