10 Best Dog Parks in America

Are you planning to take your dog on a road trip soon and need some ideas for places they can play, get some exercise and learn social skills? Pack that Buddy Bag, and check out these ten great picks for America's best dog parks that will keep them happy (and tired!) during the car ride. 

Dog Mountain, Vermont

This 150-acres, no-fence dog park might be the perfect place for you and your buddy to go on a hike, run around in circles with them or just lay down and enjoy nature. It also features the Dog Chapel, where visitors can celebrate the bond between humans/dogs while filling up pages full of memories left by loyal companions.

Newtown Dream Dog Park, Georgia

It is located inside Newton Park and is considered one of the most beautiful places to take your pup. It features agility hoops, turf, and tunnels with a fire hydrant-shaped sprinkler! There's also an extra unique bone bridge for your furry friends that likes playing fetch!

Elm Creek Dog Park, Minnesota

Dogs will love this 29-acre fenced dog off-leash area at Elm Creek Park Reserve, where they can run and play with other dogs. There's also a separate area for small and frail dogs, and an added attraction is a fenced wetland pond for dogs to dive in.

Bear Creek Dog Park, Colorado

With trees on one side and open grassland to run through, there are walking trails throughout the area, including a 1/3-mile stretch of Bear Creek where you and your dog can splash in the water. There is also an Agility Training area if you are looking for obstacle courses for your pup.

Hugh Rogers Whitefish Dog Park, Montana

Dogs of all shapes and sizes will enjoy the park, which offers five acres for play in its dog area. The setting is stunning, with a backdrop of trees and mountains, equipped with human and dog water fountains.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park, California

Come to this 23-acre park if you want spacious spaces and a fantastic view of the San Francisco Bay with hills for running around. There are plenty of fishing spots, hiking trails, or bike rides available too! 

Tompkins Square Dog Run, New York

New York City's first and largest dog run, you can enjoy being able to go running free alongside other pooches while enjoying views of bustling Manhattan from all around! It has amenities, including swimming pools and picnic tables.

Beau's Dream Dog Park, Pennsylvania

One of its attractions is the 40-foot rollercoaster footbridge that will send your pup into an awhirl as they race across it. With a separate area for small and large dogs, they can also get wet at splash pads! Don't miss the tennis ball tree that launches tennis balls on the large dog side.

Magnuson Off-Leash Dog Park, Washington

This 6-acre park is fully fenced and the only dog park in Washington with beach access. It has a loose bark field and gravel play areas. Plus, it has sunset views that will make any dog jealous (and maybe even human too). 

Shawnee Mission Off Leash Dog Park, Kansas

This dog park is a spacious 44-acre field in the middle of nature where your dog can run free and enjoy pristine views. Along with tons for them to play on, there are plenty of picnic areas, so you don't have to stay hungry!

While you can easily find a dog park, ensure you know how to keep your dog safe during your trip. The Buddy System Hands-Free Leash will make your visit more enjoyable if you want the most comfortable and safer way to explore these beautiful parks.