Easy Steps on How To Get Rid of Cat Mats

Cat mats are a cat's worst nightmare! They can cause uncomfortable and even painful living conditions for your pet. That's why dealing with mats is one of those pesky tasks we must take care of from time to time. 

Mats can form on your cat's coat for various reasons. It might be old hair that has been neglected, excessive shedding, or even because they are particularly 'licky.' Regardless of the cause, mats should be removed as soon as possible, as they can cause skin problems if left untreated.

Check out these four easy steps to get rid of those pesky cat mats:

1. Use your fingers to work the mat out.

Before you start de-matting, do not bathe your cat. It will worsen the problem. When you reach a mat, hold the fur closest to your skin with your fingers before brushing or pulling. This helps control resistance and avoids hurting cats' sensitive skin.

You may try a little sprinkle of talcum powder or cornstarch in the mat's area or a pet-friendly detangling spray to loosen the fur.

2. Detangle using a mat comb.

The best way to detach these tangles is by using a wide-toothed comb or, better, a metal mat comb. You may start separating the smaller tangles slowly. Be gentle when combing by applying short and fast strokes while holding onto the hair below, so there's less pulling in the skin.

While doing this, giving your kitty some breaks is also important. Cats are much like humans; they also get stressed when experiencing situations like mat removal. Giving them rewards like treats is essential, so they associate the experience positively.

3. Never cut the mat

It is never a good idea to snip the mat with scissors. Cats have delicate skin, so you might cut them deep.

4. Consult a professional or go to the veterinarian

Suppose you still have difficulty removing the matted fur with your fingers or even using a mat comb. In that case, it's time to consult a professional groomer or a veterinarian to take care of these mats for you.

An Ounce of Prevention

Brushing your cat's fur will help you avoid mats from forming too frequently. To do this, run a finger through their fur to feel any clumps below the surface that need immediate attention. Use a professional-grade brush, like the Buddy System Cat Brush.

Whether you have a short-haired kitty or long locks, this brush will make them look good and smooth!

Mats can be a huge pain to remove, but with these easy steps, you should be able to take care of them without any trouble. Make sure to groom your cat regularly and keep an eye on mats, especially if they have a long or thick coat. Don't hesitate to contact your veterinarian or a professional groomer if you have any questions or concerns.