How To Keep Your Dog Warm During Winter Walks

Winter is here, and with it comes cold weather and ice. Unfortunately, this means your dog needs extra protection from the elements to keep them warm and healthy on winter walks. After all, no one likes being cold - especially our four-legged friends! 

While you should always keep an eye on your dog's body temperature, dog owners like yourself can take plenty of simple steps to ensure that your pup can enjoy their outdoor time without having to suffer through frigid conditions. 

So put on an extra sweater and read ahead for some helpful advice on ensuring you and your fur baby get a pleasant walk, even when it's cold outside.

1. Walk during the day.

Dogs love being outside, and walking them at night can be great for bonding with your pet. Avoid taking them out in the evening or early morning when temps are low. Keep the walk short, too, if it gets colder than expected.

2. Wear the appropriate clothes.

As you bundle up for your winter dog walk, keep your pet warm and safe with these clothing and accessory suggestions.


When you walk your dog in chilly weather, put a coat on them so they can stay warm. Please make sure you get their coat from a reputable retailer so it is comfortable and keeps your pet warm. You may check this Kouser Warm Dog Coat from The Kouser Store on Amazon, which comes in different sizes.

Sweaters or Hoodies

Sweaters and jackets help keep your dog warm during cold weather, especially when he's reluctant to relieve himself outside in the snow. Smaller dogs, toy breeds, and those that naturally have short hair coats usually benefit from a sweater. A sweater can make a difference in your dog's sense of well-being. Also, when choosing a sweater, it must fit properly.


Winter boots protect a dog's paws from salt and cuts, prevent snowballs from forming between their toes, and give them better traction on icy surfaces. While many dogs never run into these issues, others have more sensitive feet, so it's best to use one during the walks.

3. Stay hydrated.

Like people, dogs need plenty of water when it's cold outside, so they don't get dehydrated while walking out in the snow or rain. Make sure to bring plenty of fresh water for yourself and your pup, so they don't get overheated while exercising outside. Some snacks or treats can also be handy using a spacious waist belt bag like the Buddy System Buddy Bag.

Final Thoughts

Wintertime doesn't have to be annoying for you or your pup. By following these tips, you and your four-legged friend can continue to enjoy all the benefits of winter walks year after year. 

And remember the most important tip: get yourself a top-of-the-line hands-free leash from Buddy System so you can enjoy stress-free strolling regardless of the season.