How to Start Running with Your Dog

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Here is how to start running with your dog, tips, tricks and hands free dog leashes. Some dogs are meant to run, you put on your shoes and they beat you out the door… BUT that is not all dogs, the other dogs are the ones that need a little extra push! 


You first need to be sure your dog is ready and able to run. If you are unsure, it is best to consult your veterinarian. If you have a puppy, it would be good to start slow, don’t go straight for a 15 mile run. For muscle development and physical development, it is best to ease into it, slowly adding a mile and being consistent. It will also help the bond with your dog, as you grow into it together.

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It is good to start with timing versus distance. Start with a 10 minute run, then add 5 minutes each day… be sure to add some rest days – at least for your pup! The gradual consistency will help grow stamina and strength for both you and your dog.

Each dog is different, it is good to understand your dog’s pace and have patience as they learn your pace. It can be challenging at first, whether your dog is too far ahead or too far behind, with practice and patience you will slowly start to sync. Your dog loves you and loves to learn from you, so teach them how and you will both be better off.

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If your dog is a puller, it is best to keep them on a short leash at first. This will allow you to control them and give them less room to pull you. It is good to start with an adjustable leash, as you start to grow into the pace together you can give them more space to be in front or behind you.

A great way to train your dog with running is with a hands free leash. With your hands free and the dog running on your center of gravity you will both feel more in control. Not to mention, having a hands free dog leash lets you do more with your hands! A waist belt leash with a quick release system can also help for those dogs that pull or get spooked. There are hands free dog leashes out there that come with accessories to customize your experience; whether you have a strict training program or need more flexibility in your exercise and movement, it is good to look for one that can fit to your needs.