Jacob Is Using the Buddy System

The singer Taylor Swift wears her heart on her sleeve and didn't hesitate to donate $10,000 to finance an autistic boy's service dog.

Taylor Swift, a singer with a big heart

With her donation of nearly $10,000, the young woman was able to assign a service dog to Jacob, an eight year old boy who suffers from autism. He got to meet his new four-legged friend especially trained to accompany him in everyday life. The meeting was under the watch of Taylor Swift in person, who was very caring and generous to Jacob.


Jacob's new friend is called Reid and was trained for long months in order to accompany Jacob in his daily life and help him open up to the world. Afterwards, the singer gave Jacob and his family front row tickets to one of her concerts - of course Reid came along with them.


Jacob's mother wrote about the magical day on the "Autism Speaks" Facebook page.