Regular Leash vs. Hands-free Waist Leash: Which is Safer When Your Dog Pulls?

A reader recently asked me whether a waist leash is safe when you have a dog that pulls hard. Are you more likely to get pulled over with a waist leash or when holding a traditional hand-held leash?

It’s a matter of simple physics. You’re more likely to topple when holding the leash in your hand because the force is applied away from your center of gravity.  Plus if you’re not paying attention and your dog takes off you’ll feel like your arm’s getting yanked out of your socket.

however, the leash is around your waist and the dog pulls, because your waist is close to your center of gravity, you’re more likely to stay on your feet, especially if you bend your legs and lower your body a little (not shown here).

In addition, with this particular Buddy System leash (, you can detach the leash if you want so that the dog is released.