Summertime Swimming With Your Dogs

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Some ways to make it safe for you and your dog to enjoy summertime swimming.


Ease Into It

Just like it takes your some time to train for a long distance run or being able to complete 10 burpees; it can take a dog some time to adjust to swimming. Start slow and keep an eye on your dog’s comfort level. Using a stick or ball to have them wade in shallow water, will help get them used to the feeling. Always good to have water time during the hot summer months, so allowing your pups to take their time making it to the deep end, will make for a safer summer!


Safety for Your Dogs

Some simple guidelines that you follow would be good to pass along to your dogs to follow.

  • Life Jackets are a nice touch, especially for those dogs that jump in when you aren’t looking.
  • Hands free dog leashes can help corral your dogs near you when swimming.
  • Water quality, if you won’t swim in it, neither should your dog.
  • Just like you watch a child in a swimming pool, you should always monitor your dogs swim time. Even the strongest pup can get tired, especially in the heat of summer.
  • No salt water, it is tempting to a dog to lick up salty water… but it will make them sick, so keep a watchful eye.
  • Doggie sunblock can help for your light furry friends, for those that never sit in the shade, it is a good thing to have in the beach bag.
  • Small dogs with short noses and real hair (not fur) can have a hard time with swimming. It is nice to cool them off, but don’t let them swim too much. Keep them in your arms or laying on the edge.
  • Stay away from any dead or rotting animals on the beach or river bed, don’t let your dog get into raw fish or rotten flesh. It can lead to worms, diarrhea and a vet visit.

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Warm Weather Watch

Dogs love their vitamin D, so they will be in the sun to soak up the rays. Though sometimes they do not know the limit. So watch for extreme panting, constant licking and your dog acting lethargic. Shade and a cold towel can fix an overheating pup, unless the dog has been overheating for too long, then you may need medical assistance.

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Enjoy Summer

Dogs love you and love to run, walk, train and be outdoors. As long as you are aware and keep an eye on your best furry friend, they will have the time of their lives! 

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