The 4 Best Dog Trainer Academies In America

Are you a dog owner who wants to learn more about training your pup? Or you've been teaching dogs for years and looking for the best academies in America to advance your skills. Whatever your reason, this list of the top dog trainer academies across America will provide helpful tips on becoming a pro!

So get ready, and read on because this will take you and your pup's training to the next level! 

The Academy Dog For Trainers

The academy is one of the best schools in the world that offers a two-year online program of comprehensive education in all aspects of dogs - from training techniques and behavior modification methods to client counseling skills and teaching group classes. It requires full commitment from students as the program aims to improve excellence in dog training.

It features remote video coaching and facilitates distance learning.

Catch Canine Trainers Academy

Located in New Jersey, the CATCH Certified Dog Trainer Program is a comprehensive curriculum that covers 10 phases, ranging from puppy development and obedience training to behavior solutions and career building. The program is a self-paced, distance learning course that allows individuals to become certified dog trainers from anywhere in the U.S.

It offers both online and onsite components, allowing participants to benefit from hands-on training practice while being guided by an experienced mentor.

Starmark Academy

This school is a 360-acre site with a 100,000-square-foot facility with a 200-kennel board boarding kennel. The academy is committed to helping students succeed and offers many perks, such as climate-controlled classrooms, a beach club activity area with a pool, treats, massages, play yards, and more.

They offer four different classes in dog training and behavior:

  • A 4-week Pet Obedience Theory & Application class
  • An 8-week Canine Training Specialist class
  • A 12-week Canine Training & Behavior Specialist class
  • 16 weeks for Mastering Canine Training & Behavior

Top Tier K9

This school offers expert training programs worldwide, with options to take the whole program or subsets for certification. They train dogs and handlers to be the best in their industry.

The two main programs they offer are Professional Training Programs and Masters Programs. These programs cover Basic Pet Training, Advanced Pet Training, Working Dog Training, and Service Dog Training.

Aside from those, they also offer business development and project management training to students to manage and start their own businesses and award domestic and international certifications.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a puppy or full-grown dog on its best behavior is essential if you're training one. A durable, innovative hands-free leash like the Buddy System Waist Leash allows you to keep your hands free to focus on training and not have to worry about holding the leash. It enables you to give commands with your voice, which is the most effective way to communicate with your dog.

If you are considering attending a dog training program, don't hold back—follow your instincts, and go all in to ensure you get the most out of it as possible. The right school could lead your dog down a path to being one of the top dogs, where it can truly live up to its potential.