The Bustle Blog:The 5 Best Dog Leashes For Small Dogs

If you have an active pup, you might want to consider buying a hands-free leash like this hands-free leash from Buddy System that's made specifically for small dogs under 20 pounds. Instead of holding it with your hands, this leash ties around your waist, making it ideal for exercising, as well as those times when you need to operate hands-free. The leash is made of a sturdy nylon and also includes an adjustable belt as well as belt and collar attachment. The leash itself has an adjustable length that can expand anywhere from 33 to 60 inches, and the handle has a quick release button in case of any emergency. Best of all, it can be converted into a traditional hand-held leash if need be. While Buddy System leashes come in sizes for all dogs (as evidenced by the Golden Retriever in the above picture), this one is specifically designed for smaller dogs, and the one size only sizing chart refers to the size of the waist of the person operating it.