Top 5 Gifts For Your Cats | The Buddy System

If you're a cat lover, why not show your feline friend some love? Your kitty will be spoiled rotten, from cozy beds to the latest interactive toys.

Here Are the Top 5 Gifts Your Cats Will Love

1. Cat Scratching Posts

A cat scratching post could appear to be a harmless piece of furniture. After all, it's a pillar or board covered in roping or carpet. But do you know that it can lessen many of the discomforts of cat ownership by assisting you in redirecting your cat's natural tendencies, thereby improving your cat's health?

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, which stands 32 inches tall, is popular among experts. It's the perfect gift because cats can't knock it over, which is very important! And while scratching, your furry friend can stretch out her back.

2. Cat Toys

Cats, like humans, require both physical and mental exercise to stay fit, healthy, and happy. Sufficient physical and mental stimulation helps to reinforce your cat's good habits and makes them less prone to behavioral issues. When you can't be present to entertain them, toys can help.

Your cat will follow, chase, and pounce with The Bentopal Automatic Cat Toy. There are two speeds (quick and slow), so you may alter them to match your cat's mood and activity level. 

3. Cat Brush

Like dogs, regular grooming for cats is also essential to maintaining health. Brushing distributes natural oil, which aids the skin and coat health. Brushing frequently allows you to deal with tangles before they turn into pesky mats. Ouch!

The Buddy System Pet Close Brush is one of the most durable and long-lasting brushes you can give your cat. It is lightweight and perfect for all coat lengths. And since it is a palm brush, it mimics the petting motion, which is relaxing to your feline friend.

4. Cat Beds

The great benefit of buying a cat bed is that it will encourage your pet to mostly sleep in one place and reduce the amount they roam around. Another reason this could be helpful is that it is much easier when their fur catches onto something instead!

EarthTone Solutions Cat Cave is made of thick felted New Zealand wool and especially handcrafted by the Artisan Women of Nepal. Aside from its durability, it is breathable and soft, making your cat's sleep more comfortable.

5. Litter Box

A litter box is essential because many indoor cats do not have easy access to soil. A great option is the CATIT Hooded Cat Pan. It's BPA-free and has slider locks, a carrying handle, and an integrated carbon filter.

Final Thoughts

These top five cat gifts are sure to please any feline lover on your list. Don't forget to buy one of these gifts for yourself – after all, the holidays are coming!