Traveling Around The World on a Bike with Your Dog

Have you ever dreamed of taking a grand adventure around the world, exploring different places and cultures with your trusty canine sidekick riding a motorcycle?

Going off on an epic journey like this may seem impossible, but what if we told you that it's possible to do it all?

Meet Jess, her husband Greg, and their 34-kg German Shepherd Moxie, who has been on the road for the past ten months.

Jess Stone and her husband, Greg, lived in Liberia for over a decade. It was there that Jess, who is originally from Canada, learned to ride a motorcycle for the first time. When she was ready, they started an eight-month motorcycle trip from North to South America. They relocated to Guatemala a few years later to support a women's microfinance and empowerment non-profit. This is where they met Moxie while looking at a litter of German Shepherd puppies nearby. 

Having seen the gifted craftsmanship of Guatemalan artisans first-hand, Jess felt compelled to share it with others. This inspired her to create GoRUFFLY – a sustainable outdoor gear label that is aesthetically pleasing and supports local indigenous communities.

They wanted to keep Moxie with them as they traveled but wanted to use something other than a sidecar or a trailer. After much brainstorming and trial-and-error, the couple stumbled upon the brilliant idea of creating the  K9 Moto Cockpit, a motorcycle dog carrier.

The K9 Moto Cockpit is the most popular motorcycle dog carrier for medium to large dogs. It's made specifically for your dog, motorcycle, and aftermarket accessories. You can customize the upholstery and have personalized text embroidered on the sides.

There are three sizes to choose from - Mini (20-45lb/ 9-20kg), Standard (45-85lb/ 20-38kg), and Large (85lb+/ 38kg).

If you are planning to start your own ride, Jess shares some tips for improving safety when riding with your dog in a motorcycle dog carrier.

It Should Be Upholstered

Make sure that all the hard points of your carrier are padded to protect your dog from any impact, such as sudden or emergency stops or a tip-over that could hurt them.

There Should Be Mounting Points

Mounting points are vital so you can harness your dog in a carrier. It is safer and prevents them from leaping off into dangerous situations.

Comfortability Is a Must

Make sure the carrier provides comfort to your dog. Once they feel that they are in a relaxed position, this will be safer for you and your dog as you travel.

Aside from these safety tips, remember to check out this ultimate checklist before hitting the road with your best buddy.

You can join Jess and Greg as they take an incredible journey worldwide with her trusty sidekick, Moxie – with a mission. They're raising $100K for Girl Up's initiative on women's empowerment and gender equality. It's a remarkable show of courage, ambition, and heart as they take on this challenging but rewarding adventure.

You and Fido can hit the open road with extra preparation and make unforgettable memories. Remember to focus on safety first by getting a suitable carrier for your dog and being aware of their needs while on the go. And remember the all-important checklist to ensure you have everything before heading out. 

Have any additional tips for traveling with dogs? 

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